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Solitary Experiments
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Song History

Artist Song Title Album
Kobold Puzzlebox Unknown
[x]-Rx Push It Unknown
EXcubitors The Last Day Unknown
Funker Vogt Final Thrill Remix By Christian Michael Of Flatline Unknown
Cruciform Injection Comatose (Psychobitch Remix) Unknown
Reaper X-Junkie (Shnarph Remix) Unknown
Interlace Soul Of A New Machine Unknown
Icon Of Coil In Absence Unknown
Birmingham 6 Mindhallucination Unknown
Suicide Commando Consume Your Vengeance Unknown
Cesium_137 Atrophy (Sweep Remix) Unknown
Covenant Prometheus Unknown
Z Prochek Inflamed Unknown
In Strict Confidence This Is All Unknown
Rabia Sorda Breaking Through Unknown
Human Decay Another Way Unknown
Lexincrypt Some Other Way Unknown
Decoded Feedback Democracy Unknown
Velvet Acid Christ The Hand (Aggro Trash) Unknown
VNV Nation Darkangel Unknown : Contact me